excuse me while I cry @ this magazine all about Lee Minho & Kim freakin Woobin & also my most favorite drama ever! asdfghjkl ;-;



shoutout to those people who have been following me for a long time and have never unfollowed me even those times i wanted to unfollow myself we are true soul sisters you feel me

Ravi the Texas Ranger

And to you I want to say: I hope you had a great time at the concert :) hope that anon didn't destroy that feeling.

aw, I had an amazing time! don’t worry nobody can ruin that for me! :)

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THE BFFL ( obsession-bap ) AND I AT THE CONCERT! :)

since WHEN ?! you dare to call yourself a baby ?! lol .. never reblogging any bap stuff but then wups after LOE you are super baby ?! ... being unfaithful ... u are neither a baby nor a starlight ! better leave the vixx fandom you unfaithful bitch, totally lost ALL my "respect" for you, no wonder people are sick of your shit and talk bad about your personality

I have so much I could say to you, but I’m to busy talking to everyone about how much fun I had at the concert last night! you’re absolutely wrong and I never claimed that I was a super B.A.P fan. I love B.A.P and I went to their concert because of that. if you dare to tell me that I’m unfaithful and not a true starlight, at least have some fucking balls to come off anon and do it. This is a massively VIXX biased blog, that’s why you never see B.A.P on here. I have another blog where I post about all of my other favorite bands. If you want to talk shit to me, make sure you at least have something that’s actually worth talking about. your message was ridiculous and a waste of time. I hope you have a good day & I’ll be praying for you because lord knows you need it.

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I want a fanaccount ^^ it doesn't need to be long :)

okay! I’ll do it when I get home! :)

B.A.P//LOE 2014!

are you writing an fanaccount ?

do you guys want one ? I’ll write one if you want me to!

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Hi Zelo.

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bam! here is my bffl youngjae posin for my camera. 😌

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So, uhm, hi ? I am not good at words so I do not know what to say. I just want to thank you for being awesome and let me tell you a secret /whispering/ I am so so so glad that I am your follower.

Here is a little list of my favorite persons on this website, thank you for making a tumblr and for making and posting awesome things like gifs, edits, AUs, fanfictions, scenarios, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

ps: the bolded ones are my ulta favorites  


artworkbin attrachen bb05 bearjongin byun-tae-dol casualmintsleep chahakn chahakyun chakawaii chenkais chokei chwangdol daisukeys derpchann dontloveanyonelse eotteokaji gieoks gr8u gumvi gwiyomileo gyus-gottheorangejuice gyutopia hakyeons hakyeopta hakyeuns hhansanghyuk hohohohongbin honbgin hongbishounen hongdimples hongprince hyucake


iluvtaeyeon imadarien jaehwwan jaeingmyhyo jaejaehwan jennisnotokay jhwanies jjaehwan joaheyo jonghyun-chan justkenncontrol kawaiikong kenihavehongbin kentomyravi kikiga kikwangst kim-wonchic kimwonchic kong-toast leejaehwaned lefantasy leo-nim leolattelatte leootastic leos-food leoverdose letstalkaboutvixx lickmyvixx love-from-starlights lovely-starlight mandu-cheeks milkymochii namjae namwoo nanazumi nhyung oishii-momo ottokenji phoenix-vixx-fire photographer-kong princesssol queenjiwon ratedvforvixx rockgyurbody rubmesomevixx 


sayduce searchingforoppa seosoyoung shinee-as-super-heroes shiningbrightlikeastarlight shyuks skawngur sleepytaekwoon soohyks soonjun & soonjuns suku-chan taek-my-breath-away taeqwoon-ah taodah tuffu uniccorn v-i-x-x-gifs vixx vixxaggerate vixxshii w0debabe zicoyuk zylay

Once again, thank you <3 !

B.A.P were absolutely amazing tonight! wishing them the best of luck on the rest of the tour!

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